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Fig. 4

From: Blood handling and leukocyte isolation methods impact the global transcriptome of immune cells

Fig. 4

Isolation and shipping methods induce differential changes in enriched gene sets identified in CD8+ T cells and monocytes. Single sample gene set enrichment analysis (ssGSEA) was performed on all samples indicated by processing condition (color scale bars at top of each heatmap). Enrichment scores identified as significant between pairwise conditions were merged and hierarchically clustered across rows and columns. The top five significant gene sets for each comparison are highlighted with colored arrows, where the color indicates significance as compared to Ficoll control: Ficoll versus 4 °C in red and Ficoll versus 20 °C in blue for monocytes (a) and CD8+ T cells (b), and for Ficoll versus lysed in pink and Ficoll versus percoll in cyan for monocytes (c) and CD8+ T cells (d). In A, PIPs is short for synthesis of PIPs at the late endosomal membrane

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