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Table 1 Antibody/Chimeric Protein Panel Composition

From: Expression of ligands for activating natural killer cell receptors on cell lines commonly used to assess natural killer cell function

NK cell Receptor ligand specificity aNKR/iNKR Clone Source Fluorochrome
Panel 1
 ULBP-1 NKG2D 170818 R & D Systems PerCP
 ULBP-2/5/6 NKG2D 165903 R & D Systems APC
 ULBP-3 NKG2D 166510 R & D Systems PE
 MIC-A NKG2D 159227 R & D Systems APC
 MIC-B NKG2D 236511 R & D Systems AlexaFluor 700
Panel 2
 CD48 2B4 BJ40 BioLegend PE
 CD80 Unknown for NK cells 2D10 BioLegend BV421
 CD86 Unknown for NK cells IT2.2 BioLegend PE-Dazzle 594
 CD112 DNAM-1 610603 R & D Systems AlexaFluor 700
 CD155 DNAM-1 SKII.4 BioLegend PE-Cy7
Panel 3
 ICAM-1 LFA-1 HCD54 BioLegend Pacific Blue
 ICAM-2 LFA-1 CBR-1C2/2 BioLegend PE
 Unknown NKp30 NKp30-Fc R & D Systems Unconjugateda
 Unknown NKp44 NKp44-Fc R & D Systems Unconjugateda
 Unknown NKp46 NKp46-Fc R & D Systems Unconjugateda
HLA Panel
 HLA-F KIR3DS1 3D11 BioLegend Unconjugatedb
 HLA-F (KIR3DS1-Fc) KIR3DS1 R & D Systems Unconjugateda
 HLA-E NKG2A 3D12 BioLegend Unconjugatedb
  1. aChimeric protein binding was detected using a polyclonal anti-human IgG (Fcγ-specific)-PE conjugated secondary antibody (BioSciences)
  2. b3D11 and 3D12 binding was detected using a polyclonal F(ab’)2 anti-mouse IgG-APC conjugated secondary antibody (eBioscience)