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Fig. 5

From: Correlate tumor mutation burden with immune signatures in human cancers

Fig. 5

Association among TMB, immune signatures, and cancer prognosis. a Kaplan-Meier survival curves show that the elevated expression of Treg, immune checkpoint, immune cell infiltrate, TILs, and CCR gene-sets are consistently associated with worse disease free survival (DFS) prognosis in lower-TMB GBM (log-rank test, Pā€‰<ā€‰0.05). b The elevated expression of immune checkpoint, TILs, HLA, CCR, and pro-inflammatory gene-sets are consistently associated with better overall survival (OS) and/or DFS prognosis in higher-TMB SARC (log-rank test, Pā€‰<ā€‰0.05)

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