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Fig. 1

From: Identification and characterisation of transient receptor potential melastatin 2 and CD38 channels on natural killer cells using the novel application of flow cytometry

Fig. 1

Flow cytometry gating strategy of TRPM2 and CD38 using primary TRPM2 antibody (1:50) at 2 h/1 h. a Lymphocyte populations were identified using forward and side scatter dot plots. b Duration of cell acquirement was measured followed by (c) cell viability after 7-AAD staining. d CD3+ cells were excluded and only (e) CD3- lymphocytes were further used to characterise NK cells by CD56. f CD3/CD56+ NK cells were sorted into CD56BrightCD16Dim/− and CD56Dim CD16+ NK cell subsets using CD56 and CD16. TRPM2 surface expression was measured on (g) CD56Dim CD16+ and (h) CD56BrightCD16Dim/− NK cell subsets. Dual surface expression of TRPM2 and CD38 was furthermore assessed on (i) CD56BrightCD16Dim/− and (j) CD56Dim CD16+ NK cell subsets

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