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Fig. 4

From: Identification and characterisation of transient receptor potential melastatin 2 and CD38 channels on natural killer cells using the novel application of flow cytometry

Fig. 4

Immunophenotype of TRPM2 and CD38 receptors on NK cell subsets by flow cytometry. (Source: Personal collection) a Five antibody controls were performed to determine an individualised positive TRPM2 and TRPM2/CD38 gate for each participant. Antibody controls included an unstained tube (unlabelled NK cells); secondary tube (conjugated secondary antibody FITC); and a FMO tube (CD3, CD56, CD16 and CD38). b Normal rabbit serum was used at comparable dilutions as the primary TRPM2 antibody to measure TRPM2 and TRPM2/CD38 surface expression on NK subsets. c Normalised TRPM2 and TRPM2/CD38 surface expression was calculated by compensating the percentage of fluorescence spill over into the B525_50 (TRPM2) and V525_50 (CD38) detectors from the TRPM2 antibody stained tube on both NK subsets

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