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Fig. 1

From: Similar immune mechanisms control experimental airway eosinophilia elicited by different allergens and treatment protocols

Fig. 1

Features of allergic airway inflammation induced using different models. (ad) Mice were treated according to the protocols shown on the left; PBS mice were sensitised with PBS/alum, or PBS only for the local HDM model. Five to seven experiments were performed for each model, for a total of 21–31 mice per group. Bar graphs show mean + SEM of the combined results from all experiments in each model; please note that y-axes differ across models. Representative micrographs of lung histology are taken from mice with eosinophil numbers similar to the mean. Scale bars represent 200 μm. ***, p < 0.001; **, p < 0.01; *, p < 0.05; ns, not significant

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