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Fig. 2

From: Longitudinal immunosequencing in healthy people reveals persistent T cell receptors rich in highly public receptors

Fig. 2

A subset of the TCRβ repertoire occurred across all time points—the persistent TCRβ repertoire. a The number of TCRβs observed at n time points. Persistent TCRβs tended to have (b) greater abundance (Mann-Whitney U test, statistic = 26,297,052,589.5, p < 10− 308) and (c) nucleotide sequence redundancy (Mann-Whitney U test, statistic = 25,851,211,348.0, p < 10− 308) than other receptors. Mann-Whitney U tests between groups are in Additional file 2: Tables S6, S7. Persistent TCRβs had higher proportions of TCRβs in common with memory (d) and with naive (e) T cell populations and constituted a stable and significant fraction of overall TCRβ abundance across time (f)

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