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Table 1 The viability of granulocytes in contact with SLE or healthy neutrophil-derived NET

From: The impact of neutrophil extracellular trap from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus on the viability, CD11b expression and oxidative burst of healthy neutrophils

Group Viable Cells (percent) P value
SLE NETs 45.67 ± 2.38 0.101
Normal NETs 55.04 ± 1.52
No NETs 71.26 ± 1.60 0.645
SLE NCM 71.22 ± 1.61
Normal NCM 75.64 ± 1.51
P value 0.00
  1. NCM NET control medium, which refers to the medium that was collected from unstimulated (SLE and healthy) neutrophils in NET-inducing experiments.