Cellular immunology and immune regulation

Section edited by J Philip McCoy

This section aims to publish studies concerned with the immunological activities of cells and on the interactions among cells and molecules of the immune system, which spans studies in development, differentiation, effector function, and memory. The section also welcomes submissions on antibody and cell-mediated immune responses.

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  1. Research article

    Synergistic oligodeoxynucleotide strongly promotes CpG-induced interleukin-6 production

    Bacterial genomes span a significant portion of diversity, reflecting their adaptation strategies; these strategies include nucleotide usage biases that affect chromosome configuration. Here, we explore an imm...

    Shireen Nigar, Yoshinari Yamamoto, Takuma Okajima, Suguru Shigemori, Takashi Sato, Tasuku Ogita and Takeshi Shimosato

    BMC Immunology 2017 18:44

    Published on: 4 October 2017

  2. Research article

    Mercury alters endogenous phosphorylation profiles of SYK in murine B cells

    Epidemiological evidence and animal models suggest that exposure to low and non-neurotoxic concentrations of mercury may contribute to idiosyncratic autoimmune disease. Since defects in function and signaling ...

    Joseph A. Caruso, Nicholas Carruthers, Namhee Shin, Randal Gill, Paul M. Stemmer and Allen Rosenspire

    BMC Immunology 2017 18:37

    Published on: 17 July 2017

  3. Research article

    Effect of cryopreservation on delineation of immune cell subpopulations in tumor specimens as determined by multiparametric single cell mass cytometry analysis

    Comprehensive understanding of cellular immune subsets involved in regulation of tumor progression is central to the development of cancer immunotherapies. Single cell immunophenotyping has historically been a...

    Elma Kadić, Raymond J. Moniz, Ying Huo, An Chi and Ilona Kariv

    BMC Immunology 2017 18:6

    Published on: 2 February 2017

  4. Research article

    Antigen presenting capacity of murine splenic myeloid cells

    The spleen is an important site for hematopoiesis. It supports development of myeloid cells from bone marrow-derived precursors entering from blood. Myeloid subsets in spleen are not well characterised althoug...

    Ying-Ying Hey, Benjamin Quah and Helen C. O’Neill

    BMC Immunology 2017 18:4

    Published on: 11 January 2017

  5. Research article

    Immune modulation of CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells by zoledronic acid

    CD4+CD25+ regulatory T (Treg) cells suppress tumor immunity by inhibiting immune cells. Manipulation of Treg cells represents a new strategy for cancer treatment. Zoledronic acid (ZA), a nitrogen-containing bisph...

    Hsien Liu, Shih-Han Wang, Shin-Cheh Chen, Ching-Ying Chen, Jo-Lin Lo and Tsun-Mei Lin

    BMC Immunology 2016 17:45

    Published on: 25 November 2016

  6. Methodology article

    Optimization and evaluation of Luminex performance with supernatants of antigen-stimulated peripheral blood mononuclear cells

    The Luminex bead-based multiplex assay is useful for quantifying immune mediators such as cytokines and chemokines. Cross-comparisons of reagents for this technique from different suppliers have already been p...

    Mathieu Surenaud, Céline Manier, Laura Richert, Rodolphe Thiébaut, Yves Levy, Sophie Hue and Christine Lacabaratz

    BMC Immunology 2016 17:44

    Published on: 11 November 2016

  7. Research article

    Chitosan gel vaccine protects against tumour growth in an intracaecal mouse model of cancer by modulating systemic immune responses

    Vaccination generating a robust memory population of CD8+ T cells may provide protection against cancer. However, immune therapies for cancer are influenced by the local tumour immune microenvironment. An infiltr...

    Andrew J. Highton, Adam Girardin, Georgia M. Bell, Sarah M. Hook and Roslyn A. Kemp

    BMC Immunology 2016 17:39

    Published on: 18 October 2016

  8. Research article

    Treatment with Hizentra in patients with primary and secondary immunodeficiencies: a real-life, non-interventional trial

    Although Hizentra is indicated for immunoglobulin replacement therapy in patients with primary and secondary immunodeficiencies, phase III trials have focused on patients with primary immunodeficiencies. In th...

    J. F. Viallard, P. Agape, V. Barlogis, G. Cozon, C. Faure, F. Fouyssac, C. Gaud, M. P. Gourin, M. Hamidou, C. Hoarau, F. Husseini, M. Ojeda-Uribe, M. Pavic, I. Pellier, A. Perlat, N. Schleinitz…

    BMC Immunology 2016 17:34

    Published on: 29 September 2016

  9. Research article

    Repeated cycles of 5-fluorouracil chemotherapy impaired anti-tumor functions of cytotoxic T cells in a CT26 tumor-bearing mouse model

    Recently, the immunostimulatory roles of chemotherapeutics have been increasingly revealed, although bone marrow suppression is still a common toxicity of chemotherapy. While the numbers and ratios of differen...

    Yanhong Wu, Zhenling Deng, Huiru Wang, Wenbo Ma, Chunxia Zhou and Shuren Zhang

    BMC Immunology 2016 17:29

    Published on: 20 September 2016

  10. Research article

    Capparis Spinosa L. promotes anti-inflammatory response in vitro through the control of cytokine gene expression in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

    Capparis Spinosa L. is an aromatic plant growing wild in dry regions around the Mediterranean basin. Capparis Spinosa was shown to possess several properties such as antioxidant, antif...

    Mouna Moutia, Khadija El Azhary, Anass Elouaddari, Abdellah Al Jahid, Jamal Jamal Eddine, Fouad Seghrouchni, Norddine Habti and Abdallah Badou

    BMC Immunology 2016 17:26

    Published on: 2 August 2016

  11. Research article

    Cryptic protein-protein interaction motifs in the cytoplasmic domain of MHCI proteins

    Major histocompatibility complex class I (MHCI) proteins present antigenic peptides for immune surveillance and play critical roles in nervous system development and plasticity. Most MHCI are transmembrane pro...

    Karla K. Frietze, Adlai L. Pappy II, Jack W. Melson, Emily E. O’Driscoll, Carolyn M. Tyler, David H. Perlman and Lisa M. Boulanger

    BMC Immunology 2016 17:24

    Published on: 19 July 2016

  12. Research article

    Existence of Th22 in children and evaluation of IL-22 + CD4 + T, Th17, and other T cell effector subsets from healthy children compared to adults

    Children are prone to get infections, especially in the respiratory system and the gut mainly because their immune system is immature. T cells significantly contribute to the prevention of infections, and diff...

    Erxia Shen, Mengjie Wang, Hairui Xie, Ruqiong Zou, Qiwen Lin, Lili lai, Fujun Li, Zhimei Liang, Yanran Xu and Maohua Zhou

    BMC Immunology 2016 17:20

    Published on: 23 June 2016

  13. Research article

    Expression of lymphocyte activation markers of preterm neonates is associated with perinatal complications

    Inappropriate activation of T lymphocytes plays an important role in perinatal complications. However, data on T lymphocyte activation markers of preterm infants is scarce. We investigated the association betw...

    Florentina Sava, Gergely Toldi, András Treszl, Júlia Hajdú, Ágnes Harmath, Tivadar Tulassay and Barna Vásárhelyi

    BMC Immunology 2016 17:19

    Published on: 21 June 2016

  14. Research article

    Reconstitution of immune cell in liver and lymph node of adult- and newborn-engrafted humanized mice

    Humanized mouse models are an increasingly popular preclinical model to study the human immune response in a biological system. There are a variety of protocols to generate these mice, each differing in the st...

    Crystal Dykstra, Amanda J. Lee, Evan J. Lusty, Mira M. Shenouda, Mahsa Shafai, Fatemeh Vahedi, Marianne V. Chew, Stephen Collins and Ali A. Ashkar

    BMC Immunology 2016 17:18

    Published on: 16 June 2016

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