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  1. Comparative analysis of genome-wide expression profiles are increasingly being used to study virus-specific host interactions. In order to gain mechanistic insights, gene expression profiles can be combined wi...

    Authors: Juilee Thakar, Boris M. Hartmann, Nada Marjanovic, Stuart C. Sealfon and Steven H. Kleinstein
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2015 16:46
  2. The acute phase of HIV infection is characterized by massive depletion of CD4 T cells, high viral plasma levels and pronounced systemic immune activation. Regulatory T cells (Tregs) have the potential to contr...

    Authors: Raquel Matavele Chissumba, Eduardo Namalango, Vânia Maphossa, Ivalda Macicame, Nilesh Bhatt, Christina Polyak, Merlin Robb, Nelson Michael, Ilesh Jani and Luc Kestens
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2017 18:50
  3. Induction therapy of multiple myeloma patients prior to autologous stem cell transplantation has changed from conventional chemotherapy to treatment based on proteasome inhibitors or immunomodulatory drugs. We...

    Authors: Ida Marie Rundgren, Elisabeth Ersvær, Aymen Bushra Ahmed, Anita Ryningen and Øystein Bruserud
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2019 20:39
  4. HIV-infected long-term non-progressor (LTNP) subjects can prevent viral replication and may harbor useful information for the development of both antibody and active vaccination treatments. In this study we us...

    Authors: Yuxia Hao, Ge Bai, Junping Wang, Longfeng Zhao, Kyle Sutherland, Jianfeng Cai and Chuanhai Cao
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2015 16:25
  5. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are important for the development and function of neutrophils. miR-130a is highly expressed during early neutrophil development and regulates target proteins important for this process. miRN...

    Authors: Corinna Cavan Pedersen, Jan Christian Refsgaard, Ole Østergaard, Lars Juhl Jensen, Niels Henrik Helweg Heegaard, Niels Borregaard and Jack Bernard Cowland
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2015 16:70
  6. CIGB-247, a VSSP-adjuvanted VEGF-based vaccine, was evaluated in a phase I clinical trial in patients with advanced solid tumors (CENTAURO). Vaccination with the maximum dose of antigen showed an excellent saf...

    Authors: Javier Sánchez Ramírez, Yanelys Morera Díaz, Mónica Bequet-Romero, Francisco Hernández-Bernal, Katty-Hind Selman-Housein Bernal, Ana de la Torre Santos, Eduardo Rafael Santiesteban Álvarez, Yenima Martín Bauta, Cimara H. Bermúdez Badell, Josué de la Torre Pupo, Jorge V. Gavilondo and Marta Ayala Avila
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2017 18:39
  7. CD44 is a multifunctional molecule that plays major roles in both leukocyte recruitment and tissue proliferation. Since mucosal hyperplasia and leukocyte infiltration of the middle ear cavity are major feature...

    Authors: Hyun Woo Lim, Kwang Pak, Arwa Kurabi and Allen F. Ryan
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2019 20:20
  8. Expansion of type 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2s) in hypercholesterolaemic mice protects against atherosclerosis while different ILC2 subsets have been described (natural, inflammatory) based on their suppress...

    Authors: Polyxeni T. Mantani, Pontus Dunér, Irena Ljungcrantz, Jan Nilsson, Harry Björkbacka and Gunilla Nordin Fredrikson
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2019 20:47
  9. Biological interpretation of DNA microarray data may differ depending on underlying assumptions and statistical tests of bioinformatics tools used. We used Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) and Ingenuity Pat...

    Authors: Unni Gopinathan, Reidun Øvstebø, Berit Sletbakk Brusletto, Ole Kristoffer Olstad, Peter Kierulf, Petter Brandtzaeg and Jens Petter Berg
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2017 18:46
  10. Porcine circovirus 2 (PCV2) is a small, non-enveloped DNA virus causing swine lymphocyte depletion and severe impact on the swine industry. The aim of this study was to evaluate the antigenicity and immunogeni...

    Authors: Ling-Chu Hung, Cheng-Yao Yang and Ivan-Chen Cheng
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2017 18:25
  11. Major histocompatibility complex class I (MHCI) proteins present antigenic peptides for immune surveillance and play critical roles in nervous system development and plasticity. Most MHCI are transmembrane pro...

    Authors: Karla K. Frietze, Adlai L. Pappy II, Jack W. Melson, Emily E. O’Driscoll, Carolyn M. Tyler, David H. Perlman and Lisa M. Boulanger
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2016 17:24
  12. Methamphetamine (Meth) abuse is a major health problem linked to the aggravation of HIV- associated complications, especially within the Central Nervous System (CNS). Within the CNS, Meth has the ability to mo...

    Authors: Julia A. Najera, Eduardo A. Bustamante, Nikki Bortell, Brenda Morsey, Howard S. Fox, Timothy Ravasi and Maria Cecilia Garibaldi Marcondes
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2016 17:7
  13. The natural killer cell line, NK-92MI, is cytotoxic against various types of cancer. The aim of this study was to develop chimeric antigen receptor-modified (CAR) NK-92MI cells targeting carcinoembryonic antig...

    Authors: Masayuki Shiozawa, Chuan-Hsin Chang, Yi-Chun Huang, Yi-Ching Chen, Mau-Shin Chi, Hsu-Chao Hao, Yue-Cune Chang, Satoru Takeda, Kwan-Hwa Chi and Yu-Shan Wang
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2018 19:27
  14. Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) is a mosquito-borne flavivirus that causes Japanese Encephalitis (JE) and Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) in humans. Genotype-I (as co-circulating cases with Genotype-III) w...

    Authors: Shyamashree Banerjee, Parth Sarthi Sen Gupta and Amal Kumar Bandyopadhyay
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2017 18:13
  15. The initiation of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) plays a significant role in the clinical management of HIV infected people by preventing morbidity and mortality. This benefit becomes, the most t...

    Authors: Gizachew Ayele, Belay Tessema, Anteneh Amsalu, Getachew Ferede and Gizachew Yismaw
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2018 19:37
  16. High quality genetic material is an essential pre-requisite when analyzing gene expression using microarray technology. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) are frequently used for genomic analyses, but s...

    Authors: Christopher P. Corkum, Danielle P. Ings, Christopher Burgess, Sylwia Karwowska, Werner Kroll and Tomasz I. Michalak
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2015 16:48
  17. A previous study demonstrated pleural fluid (PF) IgA immunodominance for the fused MT10.3:MPT64 protein in pleural tuberculosis (PLTB) cases. However, no clue on the role of IgA and IgG against this and other ...

    Authors: Renan Jeremias da Silva, Raquel da Silva Corrêa, Isabela Gama Sardella, Ana Carla de Paulo Mulinari, Thiago Thomaz Mafort, Ana Paula Santos, Rogério Rufino, Luciana Silva Rodrigues and Maria Helena Féres Saad
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2019 20:36
  18. Uncontrolled cytomegalovirus (CMV) replication in immunocompromised solid-organ transplant recipients is a clinically relevant issue and an indication of impaired CMV-specific cell-mediated immunity (CMI). Pri...

    Authors: Bernhard Banas, Carsten A. Böger, Gerhard Lückhoff, Bernd Krüger, Sascha Barabas, Julia Batzilla, Mathias Schemmerer, Josef Köstler, Hanna Bendfeldt, Anne Rascle, Ralf Wagner, Ludwig Deml, Joachim Leicht and Bernhard K. Krämer
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2017 18:15
  19. In healthy individuals, Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is efficiently controlled by CMV-specific cell-mediated immunity (CMI). Functional impairment of CMI in immunocompromized individuals however can lead to...

    Authors: Sascha Barabas, Theresa Spindler, Richard Kiener, Charlotte Tonar, Tamara Lugner, Julia Batzilla, Hanna Bendfeldt, Anne Rascle, Benedikt Asbach, Ralf Wagner and Ludwig Deml
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2017 18:14

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