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Figure 5 | BMC Immunology

Figure 5

From: Identification of novel transcriptional regulators involved in macrophage differentiation and activation in U937 cells

Figure 5

Protein quantification. Protein expression of NFkB1/p50, MEF2 and TCF7L2 is induced upon macrophage differentiation and/or LPS stimulation, corresponding to mRNA expression. Prominent induction observed with p50 subunit upon LPS stimulation is in line with known classical role of NFkB1during macrophage activation. TCF7L2 protein was detected only in nucleic fraction. With MEF2 family of proteins, decreasing expression of ca 55 kDa protein was observed (white bar) while nucleic fraction shows increasing expression of ca 60 kDa protein (black bar). The data are normalized to betaActin. Shown is the representative of two independent experiments.

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