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Table 1 Characteristics of CDR1 and CDR2 in the variable regions of bovine, mouse and human light chains

From: Bos taurus genome sequence reveals the assortment of immunoglobulin and surrogate light chain genes in domestic cattle

  cattle mouse man
lambda chain variable region    
CDR1 length (amino acids) 6,8,9 7,8,9 6,7,8,9
CDR2 length (amino acids) 3,7 3,7 3,7
unique IGLV CDR1/CDR2 pairs 19 8 37
kappa chain variable region    
CDR1 length (amino acids) 6,10,11 5,6,7,10,11,12 6,7,10,11,12
CDR2 length (amino acids) 3 3 3
unique IGKV CDR1/CDR2 pairs 5 94 27
  1. The data on human and murine immunoglobulins are from IMGT database [20].