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Table 2 Gene specific primers used in this study

From: Bos taurus genome sequence reveals the assortment of immunoglobulin and surrogate light chain genes in domestic cattle

Primer   Sequence
VPREB1-f2 C, E 5'-catgtcctgggccctcgt-3'
VPREB1-r1 C, E 5'-gcccagcctccttgtccac-3'
VPREB3-fw1 C, E 5'-tgtgtggaggtcccgaag-3'
VPREB3-fw2 C 5'-cgcagaacagcggactcct-3'
VPREB3-rev1 C, E 5'-aggtcaggagtagaagtgg-3'
L5-f1b C 5'-ccagcgcgtctgcccaag-3'
L5-f2c E 5'-tgctggctgggcgtctgg-3'
L5-r3a C, E 5'-agaagggacgtaggggaccat-3'
QGAPDfw E 5'-ctgacctgccgcctggag-3'
QGAPDrev E 5'-aagagtgagtgtcgctgttgaag-3'
  1. The use of each primer is indicated: C (cloning of the full length cDNA), E (RT-PCR expression analysis).