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Figure 3

From: GanedenBC30™ cell wall and metabolites: anti-inflammatory and immune modulating effects in vitro

Figure 3

Effects of GBC30 fractions on human PMN migration were evaluated using Transwell migration plates. (A) Both MTB and CW treated PMN cells showed increased random migration behavior. (B) PMN cells treated with MTB or CW showed increased migratory behavior in response to the bacterial peptide f-MLP. (C) PMN chemotactic migration towards the cytokine IL-8 was decreased in the presence of MTB and CW. Extremely low doses of MTB and CW were tested for effects on IL-8 directed PMN cell migration. The cell wall fraction CW triggered inhibition of PMN cell migration towards IL-8 down to dilutions of 10-10. The metabolite fraction MTB showed similar but weaker inhibition across the same dose range. (D) PMN chemotactic migration towards the inflammatory mediator LTB4 was decreased by both the cell wall fraction MTB and the metabolite fraction CW, indicating an anti-inflammatory effect. The graphs show the averages and standard deviations of each culture condition performed in triplicate. The data shown are representative of three experiments performed on cells from different donors.

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