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Table 2 Relative affinity constant (Kd) of LaDR5 to bind DR5s using ELISA method

From: Structural basis of LaDR5, a novel agonistic anti-death receptor 5 (DR5) monoclonal antibody, to inhibit DR5/TRAIL complex formation

Antigen Relative Affinity Constant of LaDR5 (nmol/L)
DR5WT 454.6
DR5M1 392.7
DR5M2 - *
DR5M3 7043.6
  1. * Relative affinity constant was minus, with the possible reason that the constant approached or quite near zero, indicating low affinity of DR5M2 to bind LaDR5.
  2. The order of affinity were DR5M1 > DR5WT > DR5M3 > DR5M2, which were consistent with ELISA results.