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Figure 3

From: CD14+CD16+ and CD14+CD163+ monocyte subpopulations in kidney allograft transplantation

Figure 3

Percentage of peripheral blood CD14+CD163+ monocytes after kidney allograft transplantation. The presence of CD14+ CD163+ monocytes in peripheral blood was evaluated by flow cytometry during the first year after the kidney allograft transplantation. In patients without the induction therapy a (n = 25 ) and those treated with basiliximab c (n = 18 ), the percentage of CD14+CD163+ monocytes dramatically increased during the first week after the transplantation in contrast to subjects treated with thymoglobuline b (n = 24). Analysis of data from flow cytometry was performed by ANOVA with repeated measures and a comparison within groups between two time points by contrasts. *Statistically significant differences.

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