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Table 2 Adaptive immune response genes differentially expressed in post-pubertal B6 female mice.

From: Sexual dimorphism in immune response genes as a function of puberty

Acc# Fold Change Chr Gene name Function
AE000665 2.4 6 TCR beta locus T cell signaling
X00651 4.0 6 Ig-kappa light chain V-J kappa region Immunoglobulin
U19315 4.2 6 Immunoglobulin kappa light chain region Immunoglobulin
M15593 4.9 6 Ig kappa chain 7B6 mRNA Immunoglobulin
AF037206 1.7 3 RING zinc finger protein Lymphocyte development
M86751 2.1 6 Ig L-chain gene variable region Immunoglobulin
X94420 4.7 12 IgA V-D-J-heavy chain Immunoglobulin
V00793 141.8 12 IgG1 Immunoglobulin
X67210 13.3 12 IgG2 Immunoglobulin
L43568 5.3 6 B-cell receptor gene B cell signaling
U37386 3.0 2 Carboxyl ester lipase Lymphocyte maturation
M55412 1.6 19 Guanine nucleotide BP, alpha polypeptide Lymphocyte signaling