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Table 8 Unexpected and/or revised supertype assignments.

From: HLA class I supertypes: a revised and updated classification

  Supertype assignment
Allele Expected1or previous Current
A*0252 A02 A01 A03
A*0265 A02 A03
A*0280 A02 A03
A*3001 A24 A01 A03
A*3002 A24 A01
A*3003 A24 A01
A*3110 A03 A01
A*7410 A03 A01
B*3528 B07 B62
B*3806 B27 B07
B*3807 B27 B07
B*3910 B27 B07
B*3916 B27 B07
B*3917 B27 B07
B*4012 B44 B27
B*4021 B44 B62
B*4406 B44 B07
B*4408 B44 B62
B*4440 B44 B27
B*5518 B07 B27
  1. 1. Expected based on serological association.