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Table 2 Functional annotations associated with the downregulated LPS- and heat shock-responsive genes, respectively.

From: Divergence of canonical danger signals: The genome-level expression patterns of human mononuclear cells subjected to heat shock or lipopolysaccharide

  LPS Heat Shock
Pathways • None signficant • None significant
Biological process (p value) • Protein metabolism and modification (6.8E-7) • Nucleoside, nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolism (1.3E-3)
  • Amino acid metabolism (5.2E-6) • mRNA transcription regulation
  • Other metabolism (1.4E-5) • (2.7E-3)
  • Carbohydrate metabolism (1.3E-4) • mRNA transcription (3.3E-2)
  • Protein modification (2.2E-4)  
Molecular function (p value) • Oxidoreductase (5.0E-7) • Transferase (1.4E-3)
  • Dehydrogenase (4.4E-6) • Transcription factor (1.9E-3)
  • Synthase and synthetase (3.3E-4) • Nucleic acid binding (9.5E-3)
  • Transferase (5.5E-4)  
  • Lyase (1.5E-3)  
  1. Data are based on the PANTHER database using the default parameters in the database and Bonferroni correction for multiple comparisons.