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Figure 1

From: IL-17 and IL-23 in lupus nephritis - association to histopathology and response to treatment

Figure 1

Baseline levels of IL-17 were higher in patients with an unfavourable histopathological outcome. (a) Baseline levels were significantly higher in patients who had a persisting active nephritis (WHO class III, IV or V) at follow-up, i.e. WHO non-responders, vs.WHO responders (WHO I or II). (b) Baseline levels of IL-17 in patients in relation to histopathology at follow-up. The patient with vasculitis at repeat biopsy was here included in the class III-IV group. The highest levels were seen in patients with a memranous nephritis, WHO class V, at follow-up. Boxes limits show 25th to 75th percentile and median values are marked inside the boxes.

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