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Fig. 6

From: The UT family of MHC class I loci unique to non-eutherian mammals has limited polymorphism and tissue specific patterns of expression in the opossum

Fig. 6

Fluorescent in-situ hybridizations of ModoUT8 with TCRα or TCRβ in the spleen and thymus. a and b DAPI nuclear staining in the spleen and thymus allows visualization of lymphocytes. c and d ModoUT8 probes hybridizes to the thymus but not the spleen. Red points indicate evidence of transcription in the cell. Large areas of fluorescence are background and associated with binding of probes to dead cells. e and f TCRβ probes bind to cells in both the spleen and thymus. g and h Merged images of DAPI, ModoUT8, and TCRB give no evidence of ModoUT8 transcription in the spleen, while ModoUT8 co-localized with TCRβ in the thymus

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