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Table 1 Antibody Panels for Flow and Mass Cytometry Analyses

From: Effect of cryopreservation on delineation of immune cell subpopulations in tumor specimens as determined by multiparametric single cell mass cytometry analysis

Antibody Clone Conjugate for detection Vendor
CD4 RPA-T4 RPA-T4 PerCPCy5.5 145Nd BL FL
CD8a RPA-T8 RPA-T8 AF 700 146Nd BL FL
CD11b ICRF44 ICRF44 APC-Cy7 144Nd BL FL
CD11c Bu15 Bu15 AF 488 147Nd BL FL
CD14 HCD14 M5E2 BV 737 160Gd BD FL
CD15 W6D3 W6D3 BV 605 164Dy BD FL
CD16 n/a 3G8 n/a 148Nd n/a FL
CD19 HIB19 HIB19 AF 800 142Nd BL FL
CD25 2A3 2A3 PE 169Tm BD FL
CD27 L128 L128 BV 510 155Gd BD FL
CD33 n/a WM53 n/a 158Gd n/a FL
CD38 n/a HIT2 n/a 167Er n/a FL
CD44 n/a BJ18 n/a 166Er n/a FL
CD45 HI30 HI30 BUV395 154Sm BD FL
CD45RA n/a HI100 n/a 143Nd n/a FL
CD45RO n/a UCHL1 n/a 149Nd n/a FL
CD56 HCD56 HCD56 PE-Cy7 176Yb BL FL
CD62L n/a DREG-56 n/a 153Eu n/a FL
CD66b G10F5 80H3 AF 647 152Sm BD FL
CD66 n/a CD66a-B1.1 n/a 171Yb n/a FL
CD80 L307.4 n/a BV 510 n/a BD n/a
CD86 2331 IT2.2 BV 510 156Gd BD FL
CD107a n/a H4A3 n/a 151Eu n/a FL
CD127 A019D5 A019D5 BV 605 165Ho BL FL
CD152 n/a 14D3 n/a 161Dy n/a FL
CD183 n/a G025H7 n/a 156Gd n/a FL
CD185 n/a 51,505 n/a 171Yb n/a FL
CD194 n/a 205,410 n/a 158Gd n/a FL
CD196 n/a G034E3 n/a 141Pr n/a FL
CD197 n/a G043H7 n/a 159 Tb n/a FL
CD223 n/a 874,501 n/a 150Nd n/a FL
CD273 MIH18 24 F.10C12 BV 711 172Yb BD FL
CD274 29E.2A3 29E.2A3 BV 421 175Lu BL FL
CD279 EH12.2H7 EH12.2H7 BV 786 175Lu BL FL
CD357 621 In-house PE 159 Tb BL FL
TIGIT MBSA45 n/a AF 647 n/a eBio n/a
KI-67 n/a Ki-67 n/a 168Er n/a FL
HLA-DR L243 L243 PerCPCy5.5 174Yb BL FL
HLA-ABC G45-2.6 W6-32 PE-Cy7 141Pr BD FL
FOXP3 259D PCH101 AF 488 162Dy BL FL
  1. The antibodies used in both fluorescent and mass cytometry were commercially sourced
  2. Abbreviations: MC mass cytometry, FC flow cytometry, AF Alexa Fluor, BV Brilliant Violet, BUV Brilliant Ultra Violet, FL Fluidigm, BL BioLegend, BD BD Biosciences, eBio eBiosciences