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Fig. 5

From: Blood handling and leukocyte isolation methods impact the global transcriptome of immune cells

Fig. 5

Effect of mechanical isolation and preservation on the global transcriptome of monocytes and CD8 T cells. Blood was processed according to the sample simulation schematic for mechanical filtration and preservation method (CellCover). CD8+ T cells (CD3+CD8+) and monocotyes (CD11b+CD66a) were isolated and profiled by RNA-sequencing. a Pairwise-scatter plots of the average log2(FPKM+ 1) for each condition were fit using linear regression and R2 values are shown. b Principal components analysis (PCA) of the resulting transcriptomes (log2(FPKM+ 1) > 0.1) across all indicated conditions. Data were hierarchically clustered and the resulting cluster ID is shown on PCA plots

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