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Table 2 oHSVs of genetic engineering and its clinical application

From: Oncolytic herpes simplex virus and immunotherapy

oHSV name Genetic modification Descrption Clinical application
Dlsptk TK(UL23) Internal deletion within UL23 Malignant human gliomas
hrR3 UL39 Insertion of LacZ (encodes β-galactosidase) in UL39 Pancreatic cancer; colon carcinoma; liver cancers
HSV1716 ICP34.5 Deletion in both copies of ICP34.5 Glioblastoma multiforme; anaplastic astrocytoma; oral squamous cell carcinoma
R3616 ICP34.5 Deletion of two copies of ICP34.5 Pancreatic cancer; colon carcinoma
G207 ICP34.5 Deletions of two copies of the ICP34.5; insertion of an Escherichia coli LacZ Prostate adenocarcinoma; glioblastoma; hepatocellular carcinoma; colorectal cancer
R7020 (NV1020) UL23, UL55, UL56, RL1, RL2, RS1 Deletion of UL23, as well as the region encoding UL55, UL56, and one copy of RL1, RL2, and RS1 (though not the RS1 promoter) Pancreatic cancer; colon carcinoma; bladder cancer; pleural cancer
G47Δ RL1, UL39, US11, US12 Deletion of the overlapping US11 promoter/US12 region, putting expression of the normally late US11 gene under the immediate early US12 promoter Prostate adenocarcinoma; glioblastoma; rectal cancer; nasopharyngeal carcinoma; breast cancer
OncoVexGM-CSF ICP34.5 and ICP47 Deletion of two copies of ICP34.5 gene and the viral ICP47 genes; insertion of GM-CSF Breast cancer; head and neck cancer; gastrointestinal cancers; malignant melanoma
HF10 UL53, UL54, UL55, UL56 Spontaneous deletion of UL56 as well as duplication of UL53, UL54, and UL55 Breast cancer; malignant melanoma; pancreatic cancer
DM33 ICP34.5 Deletions of γ-34.5 and LAT gene Human gliomas and glioma cell line