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Fig. 1

From: Monoclonal antibody against EV71 3Dpol inhibits the polymerase activity of RdRp and virus replication

Fig. 1

Characteristics of IgG mAbs against EV71 3Dpol. a SDS-PAGE for mAbs 3A12, 2A10, 7A6G1. b Reactivity of indicated mAbs (3A12, 2A10, and 7A6G1) with EV71-expressed 3Dpol by IFA. c Western blot for mAbs IgG (lane 1, 3A12; lane 2, 2A10; lane 3, 7A6G1; lane 4, 5G10; and lane 5, positive antibody control). 3Dpol-immunized mice serum was used as positive antibody control. MAb 5G10, which was specific for Salmonella flagellin, served as negative antibody control

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