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Table 1 The characteristics of the myeloma patients included in the study

From: Circulating monocyte subsets in multiple myeloma patients receiving autologous stem cell transplantation – a study of the preconditioning status and the course until posttransplant reconstitution for a consecutive group of patients

PatientAged)M-componentTransplanta)Conditioning therapy (drugs, number of cycles)Effect of inductionCD34 count at the time of harvesting b)Duration of cytopeniac)
Pretransplant treatmentNumber of cyclesNeutrophilsThrombocytes
160–70IgG MMSecondCVD4VGPR 52
260–70IgG MM CVD4VGPR171,27041
360–70IgA MMSecondCVD4VGPR 53
450–60IgG MM CVD5VGPR32,18055
550–60IgG MM CVD5PR48,63521
630–40LCD CVD (1), KRD (4)5VGPR70,57053
760–70IgG MM VTD (1), CVD (2)3VGPR218,94542
860–70IgG MM CVD4VGPR90,93044
960–70IgA MM CVD5PR42,28533
1050–60IgG MMSecondPVD6PR 54
1150–60IgA MM CVD4VGPR32,12554
1260–70IgA MMSecondVRD4VGPR 52
1360–70LCD-L CVD4VGPR60,41054
1460–70IgG MM CVD, VTD, VD (3)5VGPR123,19061
1560–70IgG MM VCD4PR37,06085
1660–70LCD-K RD4VGPR36,01046
1750–60IgA-MM CVD4VGPR132,00045
1860–70LCD-L CVD (4 before and 2 after harvesting)6VGPR27,69055
1950–60IgG MMSecondCVD4VGPR 53
2050–60Amyloid-MM IgG-LCVD (3), VTD (1)4 185,80042
2140–50IgG MM CVD (4 before harvesting), VTD (2 after), RD (2 after)8VGPR56,38046
2350–60IgG MMSecondCVD, VTD, VD (4)6PR 55
2450–60LCD-L CVD4VGPR74,80034
2560–70LCD-KSecondCVD4PR 32
  1. Abbreviations: CVD Cyclophosphamide, bortezomib (Velcade®), dexamethasone, LCD Light chain disease type lambda (L) or kappa (K), MM Multiple myeloma, PR Partial response, RD Lenalidomide (Revlemide®) plus dexamethasone, VGPR Very good partial response, VRD Bortezomib, lenalidomide (Revlemide®), dexamethasone, VTD Bortezomib (Velcade®), thalidomide, dexamethasone
  2. a) Patients undergoing their second auto-transplantation are indicated; the stem cell graft was the same as for the first transplantation for all these patients
  3. b) The peripheral blood concentration of CD34+ cells on the (first) day of harvesting is given; the level is expressed as × 103 cells/mL
  4. c) Neutropenia was defined as the time from the first day of neutrophil peripheral blood concentration ≤ 0.2 × 109/L until the first of three consecutive days with neutrophils exceeding 0.2 × 109/L or alternatively the first day with neutrophil counts > 10 × 109/L. The duration of thrombocytopenia was defined as the number of days from the first day of peripheral blood thrombocyte counts below 20 × 109/L until the first day with thrombocyte count above 20 × 109/L without thrombocyte transfusion
  5. d) The age of patients are grouped