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Table 1 List of LympMIR enriched in the clusters from MixDTrees on data sets TCell and BCell

From: Gene expression trees in lymphoid development

Cluster ID MicroRNA Target Genes
TCell 3 miR-222 Elovl6, Nme1, Rcn1, Rps3
TCell 5 miR-15a1, miR-181a2, miR-2213, 2410015N17Rik4, Alad1,4, Atpif11,5, Aurkb2, Cdc25a1, Chek11
  miR-244, miR-26a5 Cks1b2,4, Cks25, Eed2, H2afx4, Kpnb13, Mcm53, Nasp3,5, Pex72, Psmd122, Ranbp52, Rars1, Tk13, Trip131, Uchl55
TCell 10 miR-142-3p6, miR-1507 Gfi16, Marcks6, Msh66, Pp11r7, Psmc16,7
TCell 11 miR-1468, miR-169, miR-181b10 Atp1b310, Ipo49, Klhdc210, Mrpl308, Orc5l8, Tuba49
BCell 3 miR-181b1, miR-181c2, miR-26a3 Atpif13, Aurkb1,2, Cbx13, Cdc45l2, Cks1b1,2, Cks23, Cox5a3, Hmgb21,2, Melk1,2, Ttk1,2, Uchl53
BCell 5 miR-15a4, miR-15b5, miR-2216, Cdca44,5, Chek14,5, Mcm47, Nasp6, Nfyb6, Smc4l17
  miR-2237 Tuba2 4,5,7
BCell 6 miR-1558, miR-1919 Ctps9, Ddx18, Hint19, Mcm28, Phf178, Prdx49, SNrpd19
BCell 19 miR-142-3p14, miR-34215 2410002F23Rik14, H2-Eb114, Ltb15, Tap214,15
  1. We display the cluster and data set id, the list of microRNA and list of target genes, with p-values < 0.05 and at least four target genes per cluster. Genes involved in cell proliferation or DNA repair are depicted in bold. The indices indicates to which microRNA a gene is related, when there is more than one enriched microRNA in a cluster.