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  1. The changes in T-cell morphology during immunological synapse (IS) formation are essential for T-cell activation. Previous researches have shown that T cell changed from spherical to elongated and/or flattened...

    Authors: Wei Lin, Yuanzhen Suo, Yuting Deng, Zhichao Fan, Yijie Zheng, Xunbin Wei and Yiwei Chu
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2015 16:49
  2. Zebrafish may prove to be one of the best vertebrate models for innate immunology. These fish have sophisticated immune components,...recombination activation gene...1 and 2 mutant mice has allowed the investigat...

    Authors: Lora Petrie-Hanson, Claudia Hohn and Larry Hanson
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2009 10:8
  3. Authors: Pierre Lau, Claire Amadou, Hélène Brun, Virginie Rouillon, Fiona McLaren, Anne-France Le Rolle, Margaret Graham, Geoffrey W Butcher and Etienne Joly
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2004 5:4

    The original article was published in BMC Immunology 2003 4:7

  4. Dysregulation of the immune system has been shown to occur during spaceflight, although the detailed nature of the phenomenon and the clinical risks for exploration class missions have yet to be established. Also...

    Authors: Brian Crucian, Pascal Lee, Raymond Stowe, Jeff Jones, Rainer Effenhauser, Raymond Widen and Clarence Sams
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2007 8:7
  5. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) of antibody variable regions has emerged as a powerful tool in systems immunology by providing quantitative molecular information on polyclonal ... antibody repertoires is valuabl...

    Authors: Victor Greiff, Ulrike Menzel, Ulrike Haessler, Skylar C Cook, Simon Friedensohn, Tarik A Khan, Mark Pogson, Ina Hellmann and Sai T Reddy
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2014 15:40
  6. Data regarding the quantitative expression of TCR Vβ subpopulations in children with autoimmune diseases provided interesting and sometimes conflicting results. The aim of the present study was to assess by co...

    Authors: Flora Tzifi, Maria Kanariou, Marianna Tzanoudaki, Constantinos Mihas, Evangelia Paschali, George Chrousos and Christina Kanaka-Gantenbein
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2013 14:33
  7. It has been highlighted that the original article [1] contained a typesetting mistake in the middle name of Arthur F. Steinschneider.

    Authors: Brittany A. Goods, Jacqueline M. Vahey, Arthur F. Steinschneider, Michael H. Askenase, Lauren Sansing and J. Christopher Love
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2018 19:42

    The original article was published in BMC Immunology 2018 19:30

  8. A conformational epitope database called CED has been developed as an information resource for investigators involved in both theoretical and applied immunology research. It complements other existing specialised...

    Authors: Jian Huang and Wataru Honda
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2006 7:7
  9. We constructed a database indexed on genes and annotations of the immediate surrounding genomic regions. To facilitate both gene-specific and systems biology oriented research, our database provides the means to ...

    Authors: Martin Korb, Alistair G Rust, Vesteinn Thorsson, Christophe Battail, Bin Li, Daehee Hwang, Kathleen A Kennedy, Jared C Roach, Carrie M Rosenberger, Mark Gilchrist, Daniel Zak, Carrie Johnson, Bruz Marzolf, Alan Aderem, Ilya Shmulevich and Hamid Bolouri
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2008 9:7
  10. Protein antigens and their specific epitopes are formulation targets for epitope-based vaccines. A number of prediction servers are available for identification of peptides that bind major histocompatibility c...

    Authors: Hong Huang Lin, Surajit Ray, Songsak Tongchusak, Ellis L Reinherz and Vladimir Brusic
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2008 9:8
  11. Using the reverse immunology approach, 30 HLA-A2.1 restricted MDR...+ cells. Peptide specificity and HLA-A2.1 restriction were proven in IFN-γ-ELISpot analyses and in cytotoxicity tests against MDP loaded target ...

    Authors: Christina S Mullins, Sven Eisold, Ernst Klar and Michael Linnebacher
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2011 12:38
  12. Swainsonine can cause serious disorders in reproduction of livestock, affecting both corpora lutea and reproductive hormone. The purpose of this study was to investigate the mechanisms of swainsonine about the...

    Authors: Yanchun Hu, Lei Wu, Chengmin Wang, Jing Luo, Fei Liao, Hui Tan and Hongxuan He
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2015 16:53
  13. The only currently available vaccine against tuberculosis (TB) is Mycobacterium bovis Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG), which has inconsistent efficacy to protect against the disease in adults. M. tuberculosis (MTB)...

    Authors: Fátima Reyes, Yanely Tirado, Alina Puig, Reinier Borrero, Giselle Reyes, Sonsire Fernández, José Luis Pérez, Ramlah Kadir, Caridad Zayas, Mohd Nor Norazmi, María E Sarmiento and Armando Acosta
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2013 14(Suppl 1):S7

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 14 Supplement 1

  14. TB, caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB), is one of the major global infectious diseases. For the pandemic control, early diagnosis with sensitive and specific methods is fundamental. With the advent of bio...

    Authors: Romel Calero, Mayelin Mirabal, Jesús Bouza, María V Guzmán, Humberto Carrillo, Yamilé López, Mohd Nor Norazmi, Maria E Sarmiento and Armando Acosta
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2013 14(Suppl 1):S9

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 14 Supplement 1

  15. Human tonsils are a rich source of B lymphocytes exhibiting a variety of phenotypes and activation states. Existing methods of purification are time consuming or costly. The aim of the present study was to opt...

    Authors: Jonathan Zuccolo, Tammy L Unruh and Julie P Deans
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2009 10:30
  16. The development of molecules specific for M. tuberculosis-infected cells has important implications, as these tools may facilitate understanding of the mechanisms regulating host pathogen interactions in vivo. In...

    Authors: Frank Camacho, Jim Huggett, Louise Kim, Juan F Infante, Marco Lepore, Viviana Perez, María E Sarmiento, Graham Rook and Armando Acosta
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2013 14(Suppl 1):S2

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 14 Supplement 1

  17. An in silico study was carried out to identify antigens for their possible collective use as vaccine candidates against diseases caused by different classes of pathogenic mycobacteria with significant clinical...

    Authors: Bárbara de la Caridad Addine Ramírez, Reynel Marrón, Rommel Calero, Mayelin Mirabal, Juan Carlos Ramírez, María E Sarmiento, Mohd Nor Norazmi and Armando Acosta
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2013 14(Suppl 1):S6

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 14 Supplement 1

  18. Whooping cough remains a health problem despite high vaccination coverage. It has been recommended that development of new strategies provide long-lasting immunity. The aim of this work was to evaluate the pot...

    Authors: Sonsire Fernández, Esther M Fajardo, Aleida Mandiarote, Gemma Año, Maria A Padrón, Michel Acosta, Rubén A Cabrera, Luis A Riverón, Maydelis Álvarez, Kirenia Blaín, Mildrey Fariñas, Daniel Cardoso, Luis G García, Concepción Campa and José L Pérez
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2013 14(Suppl 1):S8

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 14 Supplement 1

  19. The development of a new tuberculosis (TB) vaccine has become one of the main objectives of the scientific community. Protein antigens have been widely explored as subunit TB vaccines, however lipid antigens c...

    Authors: María de los Angeles García, Reinier Borrero, Reynel Marrón, María E Lanio, Lien Canet, Oscar Otero, Ramlah Kadir, Siti Suraiya, Caridad Zayas, Yamilé López, Mohd Nor Norazmi, Maria E Sarmiento and Armando Acosta
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2013 14(Suppl 1):S11

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 14 Supplement 1

  20. Mycobacterium smegmati s (Ms) is a nonpathogenic mycobacteria of rapid growth, which shares many characteristics with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB), the major causative agent of tuberculosis. MTB has several c...

    Authors: Reinier Borrero, María de los A García, Liem Canet, Caridad Zayas, Fátima Reyes, Jorge L Prieto, Juan F Infante, María E Lanio, Ramlah Kadir, Yamilé López, María E Sarmiento, Mohd Nor Norazmi and Armando Acosta
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2013 14(Suppl 1):S13

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 14 Supplement 1

  21. Immunoglobulin A is the most abundant isotype in secretions from mucosal surfaces of the gastrointestinal, respiratory and genitourinary tracts and in external secretions such as colostrum, breast milk, tears ...

    Authors: Nadine Alvarez, Oscar Otero, Frank Camacho, Reinier Borrero, Yanely Tirado, Alina Puig, Alicia Aguilar, Cesar Rivas, Axel Cervantes, Gustavo Falero-Díaz, Armando Cádiz, María E Sarmiento, Mohd Nor Norazmi, Rogelio Hernández-Pando and Armando Acosta
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2013 14(Suppl 1):S3

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 14 Supplement 1

  22. We found several significant changes in the older individuals in regulatory elements of the adaptive immune system that occur particularly after immune activation. These differences could have ramifications to au...

    Authors: David H Canaday, Karen E Parker, Htin Aung, Hui Emily Chen, Dariana Nunez-Medina and Christopher J Burant
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2013 14:45
  23. Human resistance to re-infection with S. mansoni is correlated with high levels of anti-soluble adult worm antigens (SWAP) IgE. Although it has been shown that IL-4 and IL-5 are crucial in establishing IgE respon...

    Authors: Walderez O Dutra, Rodrigo Correa-Oliveira, David Dunne, Luiza Fosenca Cecchini, Lúcia Fraga, Morven Roberts, Alda Maria Soares-Silveira, Michelle Webster, Hans Yssel and Kenneth J Gollob
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2002 3:8
  24. Primary immunodeficiences (PIDs) are a group of chronic, serious disorders in which the immune response is insufficient. In consequence, it leads to an increased susceptibility to infections. Up to date, there ar...

    Authors: Karolina Pieniawska-Śmiech, Kamil Bar, Mateusz Babicki, Karol Śmiech and Aleksandra Lewandowicz-Uszyńska
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2020 21:42
  25. The cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated antigen 4 (CTLA-4) is widely considered as a pivotal immune checkpoint molecule to suppress antitumor immunity. However, the significance of soluble CTLA-4 (sCTLA-4) remai...

    Authors: Jiajia Liu, Xiaoyi Tian, Yan Wang, Xixiong Kang and Wenqi Song
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2021 22:33
  26. Immunological parameters are hard to measure. A well-known problem is the occurrence of values below the detection limit, the non-detects. Non-detects are a nuisance, because classical statistical analyses, li...

    Authors: Paul HC Eilers, Esther Röder, Huub FJ Savelkoul and Roy Gerth van Wijk
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2012 13:37
  27. There is increasing evidence on complex interaction between the nervous and immune systems in patients with cerebral infarction. This study was conducted to evaluate cytotoxic function of CD8+ T lymphocytes isola...

    Authors: Gang Li, Xin Wang, Li-hong Huang, Yue Wang, Jun-jie Hao, Xia Ge and Xiao-yun Xu
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2013 14:1
  28. The lymph node (LN) is a crossroads of blood and lymphatic vessels allowing circulating lymphocytes to efficiently recognize foreign molecules displayed on antigen presenting cells. Increasing evidence indicat...

    Authors: Gregg P Sobocinski, Katherine Toy, Walter F Bobrowski, Stephen Shaw, Arthur O Anderson and Eric P Kaldjian
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2010 11:42
  29. Good's syndrome (GS) is a rare secondary immunodeficiency disease presenting as thymoma and hypogammaglobulinemia. Due to its rarity, the diagnosis of GS is often missed.

    Authors: Jinyao Ni, Junwu Zhang, Yanxia Chen, Weizhong Wang and Jinlin Liu
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2021 22:50
  30. The immunological roles of B-cells are being revealed as increasingly complex by functions that are largely beyond their commitment to differentiate into plasma cells and produce antibodies, the key molecular ...

    Authors: Olivier Garraud, Gwenoline Borhis, Gamal Badr, Séverine Degrelle, Bruno Pozzetto, Fabrice Cognasse and Yolande Richard
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2012 13:63
  31. Continuous diabetes-associated complications are a major source of immune system exhaustion and an increased incidence of infection. Diabetes can cause poor circulation in the feet, increasing the likelihood o...

    Authors: Gamal Badr, Badr M Badr, Mohamed H Mahmoud, Mohamed Mohany, Danny M Rabah and Olivier Garraud
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2012 13:32
  32. Various immunotherapeutic approaches have been used for the treatment of cancer. A number of natural compounds are designed to repair, stimulate, or enhance the immune system response. Among them are the hemoc...

    Authors: Vera Gesheva, Stela Chausheva, Nikolina Mihaylova, Iliyan Manoylov, Lyuba Doumanova, Krassimira Idakieva and Andrey Tchorbanov
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2014 15:34
  33. Multiple types of assays allow sensitive detection of virus-specific neutralizing antibodies. For example, the extent of antibody neutralization of HIV-1, SIV and SHIV can be measured in the TZM-bl cell line t...

    Authors: Britt Piehler, Elizabeth K Nelson, Josh Eckels, Sarah Ramsay, Karl Lum, Blake Wood, Kelli M Greene, Hongmei Gao, Michael S Seaman, David C Montefiori and Mark Igra
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2011 12:33
  34. The correlation between primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs) and autoimmunity shows ethnic and geographical diversity. The aim of our study was to accumulate more data in paediatric PID population.

    Authors: Karolina Pieniawska-Śmiech, Aleksandra Lewandowicz-Uszyńska, Magdalena Zemelka-Wiacek and Marek Jutel
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2023 24:8
  35. Presence of antigen presenting cells, expression of costimulatory molecules, the strength of first signal and cytokine milieu are quite important in influencing the reactivation of differentiated Th1 and Th2 c...

    Authors: Vinod Singh and Javed N Agrewala
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2006 7:17
  36. The spleen is thought to be central in regulating the immune system, a metabolic asset involved in endocrine function. Overwhelming postsplenectomy infection leads to a mortality rate of up to 50%. However, there...

    Authors: Hai-Bo Chu, Ting-Guo Zhang, Jian-Hua Zhao, Feng-Guo Jian, Yong-Bo Xu, Tao Wang, Min Wang, Jin-Yuan Tang, Hong-Jie Sun, Kun Li, Wen-Jun Guo and Xiao-Ji Zhu
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2014 15:42
  37. A long-term existing schistosome infection can aid in maintaining immuno-homeostasis, thus providing protection against various types of autoimmune diseases to the infected host. Such benefits have often been ...

    Authors: YunKun He, Jia Li, WenJia Zhuang, Lan Yin, ChunXia Chen, Jun Li, FengLi Chi, YanShuang Bai and Xiao-Ping Chen
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2010 11:28
  38. The purpose of the study was to analyze the structure patients group according to difference between total IgG and sum of the IgG subclasses and to determine factors affecting the level of this difference. This s...

    Authors: Gerard Pasternak, Aleksandra Lewandowicz-Uszyńska and Katarzyna Pentoś
    Citation: BMC Immunology 2018 19:22

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